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This page is part of the TSheets User Guide
Important: This page is for our legacy (outdated) QuickBooks IIF export. Unless you're sure this is what you're using, please go to our new QuickBooks Integration page.

Here's the quick checklist to get started right.


Install QuickBooks Timer

"QuickBooks Timer" comes on your QuickBooks software disk, but may not be installed by default. The "QuickBooks Timer" is a rudimentary time entry tool that allows you to import time entries into QuickBooks. To check whether you already have the QuickBooks Timer installed, from with QuickBooks, click on File -> Utilities -> Export. If you then see "Timer Lists" from the list of available things to export, then you have the QuickBooks Timer installed. If you do not see this choice, then you need to install the QuickBooks Timer.

To install the timer:

  1. Load your QuickBooks software disk onto your computer's CD drive
  2. If the QuickBooks setup program automatically starts, close it
  3. Open the computer's start menu and click the "run" entry
  4. Type "D:\" (or your computer's CD drive letter) into the run box, and press enter
  5. Double click on the "QBTimer" folder
  6. Double click on the "install.exe" file
  7. Follow the prompts

Determine Company Create Time

The company create time is a unique number for your QuickBooks file and looks something like this: 140273784

To find this number, run a "Timer Activity Export" in QuickBooks and view the output file in a text editor like WordPad. Details:

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Go to File -> Utilities -> Export -> Timer Lists
  3. Save the document somewhere on your computer where you can find it later
  4. Open the newly created file with a text editor (notepad, wordpad, or word will work fine)
  5. Locate the "company time" number under the COMPANYCREATETIME column header. Note: Due to the field separator, a tab, the columns may not line up visually. The field in question will be the last field on the second line.

Setup TSheets For QuickBooks Download

Get your TSheets account ready for the QuickBooks download feature through Company Settings.

  1. Company Settings
    1. Go to the Add-Ons section on the Company Settings window.
    2. Locate the QuickBooks Add-On, and click Install.
    3. Go through the configuration settings for the QuickBooks Add-On. Each tab contains instructions that you must follow. Here is where you input the Create Time and choose how you want job/project codes mapped and assign payroll items to employees. These settings can be configured/modified at any time by returning to the Add-Ons section of Company Settings, and clicking on the Preferences button within the QuickBooks Addon.
    4. Make your changes and then press Save.
    5. Under the Timesheet Reports you should now have a QuickBooks Download option.

Generate and Import QuickBooks IIF File

  1. On the TSheets site:
    1. Run a report by clicking on Timesheet Reports, setting your report criteria, and clicking View Report.
    2. Select the QuickBooks Download option from the Timesheet Reports window.
    3. Press the Download QuickBooks File button; an IIF file will begin to download.
  2. Save this file onto your local drive in a place where you can easily find it.
  3. In QuickBooks:
    1. Go to File -> Utilities -> Import -> Timer Activities.
    2. When prompted, select the file you just saved to import.
    3. If you see a warning that the import file was created with an older version, you may click OK. The import file follows a spec. that allows it to remain compatible with earlier versions of QuickBooks.
    4. A small Timer window should open stating the status of your import.
    5. Click 'View Report' to verify your data was imported correctly.
    6. From this point, recently imported entries can be further processed/modified.

External Resources

Two women at OnlineAccounting helped QuickBooks design their Contractor's Edition, and have written a few excellent books for anyone wanting to setup QuickBooks properly.

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